Kawasaki MULE 2510 Diesel Utility Vehicle

Kawasaki Lineup for 2000

Apr. 01, 2000 By ORC STAFF

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Mule 2510 Util. Veh.
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2000 KAWASAKI MULE 2510 DIESEL UTILITY VEHICLE The new flagship of Kawasaki utility vehicles, the MULE 2510 Diesel is a multifaceted utility vehicle, with a 952 cc diesel engine and an automatic transmission, with multi ranges and two or four wheel drive modes. The variable belt drive eases driver operation and increases both engine and powertrain life. With a cargo capacity of 1,100 pounds and a towing capacity of nearly 1200 pounds, the Mule 2510 Diesel is assembled in Lincoln, Nebraska, and has a suggested retail price of $9,599.
Continuously variable belt-drive automatic transmission.
USFS-approved spark arrestor.
4-wheel drive.
2-speed transfer case with high and low range.
Dual mode differential.
Bench seat for two people.
Rack and pinion steering.
Full 4-wheel suspension.
25 mph governed top speed.


Mule 2510 DIESEL


Three-cylinder Diesel




Three-cylinder Diesel

Bore x Stroke

72 X 78mm



Drive train

Automatic torque converter; Hi-Low range; forward, neutral, reverse

Final drive

4X4, dual-mode rear differential


73.6 inches

Overall length

112.0 inches

Overall width

57.5 inches

Overall height

75.6 inches

Ground clearance

6.7 inches

Tires, front/rear

Tubeless 23 x 11-10

Brakes, front/rear

4-wheel hydraulic drum

Turning radius

11.2 feet

Load capacity

1630 pounds

Bed capacity

1100 pounds

Towing capacity

1200 pounds

Dry weight


Fuel capacity

5.3 gals


Hunter Green


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