Voyager ATV Trailers - Getting your ATV to the TrailHead

Sep. 01, 2002 By Dean Waters
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Now that you have picked out and ordered your brand new ATVs, you need to figure out how you are going to get them to the trailhead. If you have a pickup and just a single ATV, you may only need a set of ramps. But what if you need to get two or more ATVs to the trailhead?

In our case we wanted the ability to get four ATVs to the trailhead without having to stand them on end. We owned a 7x14 enclosed trailer and were happy with it for quite a while, but we just could not fit in four ATV's without major hassle - you need a full 8 feet of width to get two ATVs side by side. We considered a new enclosed trailer, mainly because of the security, but also because it provides a great camp-side work area out of the weather. It would need to be 102" wide and probably 18' in length. The problem with this option was the price and the weight of the trailer. We wanted to keep the weight down as much as possible, as much of the time we tow behind a 35 foot motorhome.

Next I started looking at standard utility trailers. I discovered that most standard utility trailers were 7 feet wide and still had the wheel well in the way. That means you need to put your quad sideways, which is easier said than done. You have to lift the rear and try and slide it around into place. I needed a open trailer that either had side loading capability or was a full 8 feet wide.

After doing some research, I discovered Voyager Trailers. Voyager specializes in making trailers for Personal Watercrafts, Snowmobiles, ATVs and Motorcycles. Voyager manufactures their trailers in Ogden, Utah and distributes them through a network of dealers across the West Coast.

Voyager has several different options for transporting your ATVs. They have one place, two place, three place, and four place trailers with various configurations. All of the trailers come with some good standard features like powder coating, dual safety chains, "sure lube" spindles which grease through the spindle, D.O.T. lighting, 5 lug wheels, 2" coupler, and swivel tongue jack on the two place and larger units.

There are four tie-down hooks on each side
Mesh in the center of the ramp provides a walkway.

A look at the dual axles underneath
Stained planks are used on the deck

We picked out a new Voyager four-place, rear-load trailer. The trailer has an 8'x14' deck, a full 8' wide inside the side rails. This allows you to fit two quads side by side in the front and then two more directly behind them in the rear. You can do all of this without having to lift a single quad. The four-place rear load trailer weighs approximately 900 lbs and has a G.W.V.R of 5640 lbs. It uses 13" wheels and tires and has electric brakes on one of the two axles. A bi-fold tailgate serves as the loading ramp with metal mesh walkway up the middle.

The ramp is somewhat steep, since the deck is above the tires
A Kawasaki Prairie 360 fits right beside a Bombardier Quest 650

It has plenty of room for four quads plus a weekend of gear.
All Voyager trailers come powdercoated.

Summary We have been using our new Voyager trailer for about three months now, and are very happy with it. The trailer pulls well behind both our RV and Chevy Tahoe. The flat bed trailer makes for very easy loading and unloading. The fold-down ramp is somewhat heavy and awkward but if it was much lighter, it would lose its strength. One member of the family believes the ramp is too steep, but I am not sure I would want a longer ramp, as it would need to be of a different design. We give Voyager two thumbs up for designing a trailer made just for the ATV owners.

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