2000 Polaris Magnum 325 4x4

Sep. 01, 2000 By Eddie Perez
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MAGNUM 325 4X4
This is the only 300-class ATV on the market with shaft drive and 4-wheel drive and is designed for heavy work, trail riding, and use during hunting. The shaft drive is optimized by the Polaris Shaft Ride System, which gives the Magnum 325 4x4 an extremely tough, semi-integrated frame with fewer, and stronger, components. The Shaft Ride System accommodates the Magnum 325 4x4’s long-travel rear suspension and increases the traction delivered to the ground during acceleration and braking. The 325 4x4 has a 325 4-stroke, air-cooled engine with a fan-assisted 3-stage oil cooler. The On-Demand 4-wheel drive system delivers true 4-wheel traction. The Polaris On-Demand system senses when the rear wheels begin to lose traction, then instantly and automatically engages both front wheels with full torque using shaft drive. A thumb switch on the right handlebar lets a rider quickly and easily activate the 4-wheel drive system while riding. The Magnum 325 4x4 has tight-turning, long-travel (6.7 inches) MacPherson strut front suspension and a turning radius of 65 inches. The long-travel rear suspension uses a 2-inch gas shock and provides 6.5 inches of travel. The fully automatic PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission) is dual-sensing, responding to both engine RPM and vehicle torque load. It efficiently and quickly reacts to changing off-road conditions and delivers the proper power to the wheels. The E-Z Shift lever makes it simple to shift to high or low range forward speed, neutral, or reverse. The Magnum 325 4x4 has single-lever, all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and an auxiliary hydraulic foot brake, and like all Polaris ATVs, it has full floorboards. It also has composite racks, dual twin-beam halogen headlights, a brake light, electric start, tow hitch, adjustable handlebars, a tool kit and a 3.7 gallon fuel tank.

• Polaris 325 4-stroke engine. Air-cooled, has as fan-assisted 3-stage oil cooler and a 30mm Mikuni carburetor (CV type).
• Polaris Shaft Ride System uses a tough, semi-integrated frame with fewer and stronger components than competitive designs. Design accommodates long-travel rear suspension, increases traction during acceleration and braking.
• Polaris On-Demand true 4wheel drive. Senses when the rear wheels begin to lose traction, then instantly and automatically engages both front wheels with full torque. Thumb switch activates 4-wheel drive system.
• 2-inch gas-charged monotube shock-equipped rear suspension with 6.5 inches of travel and traction line mount.
• Tight-turning MacPherson strut front suspension with 6.7 inches of travel.
• Dual-sensing fully automatic PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission).
• Single-lever, all-wheel, hydraulic disc brakes and auxiliary hydraulic foot brake.
• Composite material full floorboards and front and rear cargo racks.
• Total cargo rack capacity of 270 pounds (90 pounds front, 180 pounds rear).
• Two dual-beam halogen headlights and a taillight.
• Electric start with recoil backup.
• 3.7-gallon fuel tank.
• 6.75 inches of ground clearance.
• Tow capacity is 850 pounds.
• Body panels color: Forest Green
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