Shift Pro equipped Yamaha Banshee - Feature ATV

Jan. 01, 2003 By Dean Waters
We recently had a chance to meet up with Rustin Hileman from Las Vegas Nevada and check out his Shift Pro-equipped Banshee. We were intrigued by the product and wanted to see just how well it works.

Rustin had installed the new Shift Pro shift kit two weeks prior and had had a chance to put a number of hours on it. So does it really work? According to Rustin, the Banshee now "shifts like butter" and he has not missed a shift since it has been installed. The other big improvement he has noticed is how much easier it is to perform on throttle shifts. (It is no fun when you miss a shift racing up comp hill - we experienced that a couple times on our stock Banshee.)

Not one to just take Rustin for his word, we had to try his Banshee out for ourselves. We had spent most of the weekend riding a stock 2003 Limited Edition Banshee. Could a spring and a ball bearing equipped arm really make a difference that we could notice? We only spent a small amount of time on Rustin's Banshee, but the shifts definitely felt smoother and more positive than on the stock Banshee. For $69 I think this should be a no brainer for any Banshee owner. Other Mods So while we were at it we had to find out just what else Rustin had done to this custom 2001 Banshee. Just check this list of modifications and drool:

  • Wicked Engineering 17cc domes
  • Pro Design carb spacers
  • 32 mm Power-Jet carbs
  • Pingle Fuel valve
  • Aftermarket clutch
  • Adjustable timing
  • Toomey Pipe
  • Works Performance shocks
  • 12" billet wheels
  • 4" over chrome Lonestar swingarm
  • Durablue Eliminator axle
  • Alba graphics kit
  • Pingle kill switch and starter
  • Fly handlebars
  • Lonestar steering stem
  • Denton steering stabilizer
  • Blueprinted reeds



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