OR-Fab Gecko Skin Jeep JK Wrangler Body Armor

Jun. 07, 2012 By Dan Sanchez
OR-Fab's quarter armor kit comes with everything needed for a full installation. It can be ordered with or without the rock slider bar and without the taillight cut-outs.

Front-end and body protection is a common upgrade for Jeep enthusiasts who crawl over extreme terrain. While most Jeep owners add front and rear bumpers for added protection, there are times when the vehicle’s rear quarter panels can get dented or scraped while maneuvering through narrow passes. It’s for this reason that OR-Fab designed its new rear quarter body armor for two- and four-door model Jeep JK Wranglers. The rear quarter armor is manufactured from laser-cut 10-gauge steel, and it provides excellent protection while also enhancing the vehicle’s appearance. 

The quarter armor fits all 2007 to 2012 model JK’s and installs by simply using it as a template to mark and drill the holes on the vehicle. OR-Fab also suggests using its synthetic liner (an added option), between the armor and the Jeep’s body, to further protect the area from small particles of dirt and moisture. OR-Fab provides rivet-nuts in the kit that are used to secure the bolts to the Jeep’s sheet metal. They also provide a rivet-nut tool that properly crimps them into position, and makes the job much easier.

Remove the taillights, gas filler cap molding and the fenders.

Use the quarter armor as a template to mark and dill the holes. Tape was used to properly position the armor while the holes were marked onto the sheet metal.

OR-Fab supplies a rivet-nut tool that makes it easy to install the rivet-nuts into the sheet metal.

The tool easily crimps the rivet-nut to secure it to the factory sheet metal.

The liner and body armor is then placed into the Jeep and the stainless-steel bolts provided in the kit are inserted. The LED taillights tie into the factory wiring harness using crimp wire connectors, and a resistor that allows the LED lights to flash correctly with the vehicle’s turn signal indicator.

Bolt the LED taillights onto the quarter armor before installing it.

OR-Fab’s rear quarter armor comes in a complete kit that includes LED taillights, stainless-steel button-head bolts and a rivet-nut tool. Jeep owners wanting the most protection can use the OR-Fab rear quarter body armor that is equipped with a 1.5-inch diameter, .120 wall steel rock-slider tube. The armor is also available without the rock slider and in a raw steel version that allows the owner to install their own LED taillights. The OR-Fab armor also fits on Jeeps with aftermarket fenders, as well as with OR-Fab’s spare tire carrier systems.

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Install the OR-Fab quarter armor liner (sold separately) and the armor. Stainless-steel button head bolts are included to secure the armor to the Jeep.

With the fenders and gas filler cap molding on, the Jeep looks great and is protected against trail damage.

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