Hitch Hoist Portable Truck Crane Heavy Lifting for One Person is Now Easy

Apr. 01, 2002 By ORC STAFF
The HitchHoist Portable Truck Crane easily handles loads up to 750 lbs. with no modification to your pickup and no special tools…a 2-inch Class III receiver on your vehicle and you are lifting.
Finally, there's a way to lift the 800-pound utility quad!
HitchHoist is the answer for those who need to lift large, heavy, unwieldy items into their pickup beds, without assistance. This ingenious Portable Truck Crane loads car engines, lawn tractors or heavy tools and makes play out of ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles and dirt bikes on your own. The HitchHoist Portable Truck Crane has only 5 individual components and assembles in 2 minutes. The Crane's single heaviest section weighs in at a mere 40 lbs. with a total weight of 125 lbs. and conveniently transfers from one pickup to another in minutes. A robust hydraulic ram earns high marks for smooth operation. This field proven durable unit effortlessly lifts large awkward appliances or 55-gallon chemical drums into your pickup, even with the tailgate down. Perfect for municipalities, utilities and small fleets. The HitchHoist has a proprietary leveling device that makes lifting safer when on uneven terrain. To deliver the load the unit travels mounted on your vehicle or stores in the truck bed. HitchHoist assembles in 2 minutes and comes with an instructional assembly video and tri-lingual packaging. This sturdy portable Crane carries a one-year warranty. Ships via courier. Grablock Inc is an established Canadian manufacturing and marketing organization. The Company's product lines and accessories, marketed under the brand names Hitchhoist, T-Track and Omni Lift are internationally registered trademarks.

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Hitch Hoist

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