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Jan. 01, 2003 By Tim Sanchez
High Performance Quads Trinity Racing Tim "Desertbull" Sanchez

SFX Pro Quad Stadium Round 2: Trinity's own Jeremy Schell had a misfortunate crash in the whoops during the finals at Edison Field in Anaheim, California. Look for him to ride the Trinity Quad to a SFX Pro Quad Series Championship in the next three events schedule in Febuary 2003. The series will have another event at Edison Field and then move to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California for the final two events.

Anaheim, California -- The Trinity Racing tradition began in 1978 with a small shop in Garden Grove, California. Founder and President, Harry McDermott, a graduate of Bolsa Grand High School in Garden Grove, California was drawn into the off-road scene shortly after graduating high school. By 1985, his shop was researching the performance of the ATV world and a few years later, Trinity Racing was born.

Beginning with $3000 dollar investment in 1978, Harry McDermott surrounded himself with a team of experts and over 20 years later, Trinity Racing accounts for over 3 million dollars annually. With sales, repairs, custom aftermarket accessories and complete engine performance rebuilds, Trinity Racing serves nations all over the world. The international business trade of Trinity Racing reaches into the Middle East, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and all over Europe. Trinity Racing serves the entire ATV world.

Harry McDermott is no stranger to the off-road racing world. With many races and experiences under his belt, Harry has raced the SCORE-International Race Series in Baja, Mexico for many years. As the industry pinnacled into off-shoots of other dirt racing endeavors, Harry and his crew followed and led the industry in the recreational sand drag scene and also in the national Track Racing scene. His wisdom and guidance shines as the leader in the Trinity Racing organization. Harry McDermott has truly dedicated his expertise to the betterment of the off-roading community.

TRINITY'S CNC SHOP: Trinity's 12,000 sq.ft. building is full of computerized equipment, like their fully equipped CNC machine and manufacturing shop, complete engine machine shop, and a state-of-the-art tuning center featuring the computer-controlled Superflow CycleDyn Dynamometer, Superflow Flowbench, and Port Flow Analyzer.

Harry has been racing quads in the sport since the early days of the scary 3 wheeler. With years of actual field experience Harry and Trinity Racing provide the industry with the highestt technology racing parts for your ATV. They are continually re-designed, tested, documented, proven to perform as advertised, and built to last. Trinity Racing takes the same approach to tuning quads as do multi million dollar sponsored professional race teams, and they use the exact same equipment. Not only does Trinity Racing support the riding public, but they treat every quad as if it was a race quad. After spending a couple days with Trinity Racing, it's no wonder that they lead the industry in raging technology. Trinity Racing engineers your machine to consistently dominate all others. Their research and devlopement and final build makes it last longer. Trinity gives you race proven techniques and products, to keep you on the cutting edge of ATV technology.

Cheetah Cylinders: Taking high-performance to a new high is the latest from Trinity Racing, the Cheetah Cylinder. Providing the most horsepower with the widest powerband of any aftermarket set period, never before has so much race technology gone into a motor for this price. These cylinders are made in America and have unmatched performance due to the state-the-art port designs. Trinity Racing Rocks!.

Cheetah Cylinders: The Cheetah Cylinders for the Banshee Quad are second to none. These cylinders are made right here in the United States of America. Their performance is unmatched due to the state-of-the-art port designs and more, which include

• Unmatched performance due to State of the Art port designs including: - 3 high volume transfer tunnels per side.
- 2 rear boost transfer ports.
- 3 exhaust ports with a variable height exhaust valve (POWERVALVE).
- Large volume 6 pedal reed valves for maximizing intake flow.
- 2 intake ports with bridged center piston support.
- 2 Boyesen ports for added intake flow.

- Monoblock design for added strength and reliability.
Giving you a total of 13 ports per cylinder making it a 26 port Monoblock Cylinder Design!
• Increased Cooling efficiency from superior water passages and flow characteristics.
- Water jackets completely surrounding the exhaust passages.
- Water jackets completely surrounding the variable height exhaust Powervalve.
- Water flows under the exhaust to the case, giving you the highest quality cooling for your Banshee.
• Complete O-Ring head, with correct water flow.
• Nickle-Sil cylinder walls save weight, dissapated heat, and increase reliability.
• "Bolt-on Performance" in several displacement ranges:
- 54mm and 58mm strokes available as a bolt-on kit.
- No case grinding or filling required.
- No case stud removal required (no more broken case studs to have machined out).
- Will accept your existing stroker cranks with several different displacements available

Visit the Trinity Racing website for ordering information

The Pro Quad Final event held at the Monster Truck Event at Edison Field on January 25, 2003. Trinity Racing was well represented.
At the start line, Jeremy Schell blasts from the line in his green Kawasaki 400EX race quad. Built and prepared by Trinity Racing this quad has it all.
Moments before Heat 2, Jeremy Schell is mentally preparing for the race in the runway beneath the stadium.
Trinity Racing employees and fans were amongst the sold out crowd at Edison Field.

SFX Pro Quad Stadium Round 2
Anaheim, CA - Edison Field
Jan 25, 2003

A sold out Edison Field in Anaheim, CA was the stage for Round 2 of the Clear Channel/SFX 2003 Pro Quad Stadium Series. The track was wet and muddy during the afternoon practice session, but a groove was soon developed and the warm California temperatures quickly dried up any moisture in the packed dirt. As the afternoon wore on the Pro Quads bumped around the track in search of the fastest line. The Trinity Racing Team of Jeremy Schell-Z440 & Cory Hinsz- Z440 raced hard and fast taking Heats 1 & 2, respectively. But in the final and Main Heat, the Trinity racers were victims of what we call, "racing will be racing," and just plain bad luck. Although the Main Heat was disappointing, you KNOW both of these guys will be back in the hunt at the next race with a vengeance.

Local fans cheered on the Pro Quads as they blasted around the track at record speeds. Trinity Racing's own Jeremy Schell has a mis-fortunate crash at the top of the whoops, which launched him off the quad and down onto the safety track against the outfield wall of Edison International Field taking him out of contention. Look for Trinity Racing and Jeremy Schell to make a huge comeback at the next three events in Febuary 2003.

TRINITY RACING TEAM: Cory Hinsz- Z440,Josh Fredericks- Lonestar / Honda 450, Josh Bashaw- Tuning, Aaron Wardell- Tech, Jeremy Schell- Z440, Harry McDermott-Founder Trinity Racing, Tony Munio- Stage IV Cannondale. Trinity Racing continually outperforms the competition in racing performance. If your looking for the best in high performance, contact Trinity Racing at
DEVOTED TO WINNING: Seen here in the SuperFlow CycleDyn Dynamometer, Trinity Racing President, Harry McDemott runs the race quad prior to the event. Working days and nights, Harry is mostly in the Dyno shop working and tweaking on different aspects of high performance. He and his team of engineers continously test different variations of porting and valving along with many other factors. Harry says that he often answers the phone while blasting on the dyno at maximum speeds. If you're looking for Harry you'll most likely find him in the dyno shop or in the dirt testing the latest high performing Trinity Racing prepped quad. TRINITY SUPPORT TEAM: Perusing the track and stadium before and during the event, it was apparent that the entire Trinity Racing Support Team was everywhere.

Trinity subscribes to a tuning philosophy known as "The Total Tune." Each component is designed and tested to generate maximum performance results over as long an RPM range as possible, because it's not what you can afford now, but what you're going to have in the future.

Trinity Racing parts department stocks pipes for many different quads. Contact them for a high-performance pipe.
A shipment of Trinity Racing pipes prepared for shipping to parts around the world.
While ORC staffers visited Trinity Racing in Anaheim, California Harry never left the dyno room except to demo the quad for ORC.Go figure!!!!
This Trinity Racing Race Quad was dyno'd and tweaked by Harry and his team just prior to the race. After a demo on the dyno, this quad proved very ready.

You might find parts that may actually give a 2% higher increase when bone stock, but the minute you put in race gas, port your motor, raise compression, or just take the lid off the airbox, Trinity's performance gains soar over all competition.

Trinity Racing
3035 E. La Mesa
Anahiem, CA 92806
Telephone 1-877-FASTOYS
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